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Service Programs

Hay & Health Program | Educational Outreach| Horse RelocationHay! Neighbor has three separate service programs to address the needs of horse owners.  Those who do not qualify for the Hay & Healthcare Program are still eligible to participate in the Horse Relocation Program or Educational Outreach Program.

Hay & Healthcare Program

We provide feed and basic healthcare for horses whose owners have the desire and ability to keep and properly care for their horses, but who are experiencing financial hardship or illness.  We can also assist with the feeding of horses if the owner becomes injured or too ill to physically handle the task. The Hay & Healthcare Program is provided temporarily until the owner can get back on his feet and is not intended as an indefinite solution.

When the Hay & Healthcare Program is requested by an owner, we will send a Case Coordinator to evaluate the nutritional status, health status, and living situation of the horses.  Based on this information, we will determine the type and amount of assistance that we can provide.

Hay is the primary source of nutrition that we supply.  However, old horses or those with underlying health issues may need sacked feed in addition to or in place of hay to receive adequate nutrition. 

We provide basic healthcare, such as deworming, vaccinations, and Equine Infectious Anemia (Coggins) testing.  The horse’s hooves will be evaluated and a farrier may be needed.

We define “horse” as any equine: horse, pony, mule, donkey, etc.  The Hay & Healthcare Program is not available to locations that also have other livestock such as cattle, sheep, or goats.  We love these animals too, but they can be sold if the owner is not able to care for them.  We must be able to assure our sponsors that we are fulfilling our mission statement and that their donations are not being used for other animal species.

We promote responsible horse ownership and will not provide the Hay & Healthcare Program to those who we believe are not being financially responsible.  Therefore, those who continue to breed or purchase horses they cannot afford are not eligible.  Owners must agree to sell, donate, or castrate their stallions before they are eligible.  Mares cannot be bred while in this Program.  We will discontinue this Program to anyone who acquires an additional horse.

We are not a horse retirement facility and so we cannot provide long-term or extensive healthcare for horses with chronic, severe, or incurable conditions.  Euthanasia will be recommended for horses with debilitating problems that cause uncontrollable pain.  Relocation will be recommended for horses without adequate space, shelter, or living conditions.

Our ability to supply hay, feed, and healthcare depends entirely on volunteers and donations.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we can provide the services you need.  But we will do our best!

Please contact us to request assistance providing hay, feed, and/or healthcare for your horse. 

Educational Outreach Program

We educate horse owners about our services as well as the nutrition and healthcare needs of horses so that they can make good decisions regarding the welfare of their animals. 

We plan to provide educational information via booths, lectures, and seminars where a high number of horse enthusiasts can be found:  horse shows, 4H clubs, feed stores, saddle clubs, auction barns, fairs, etc. 

We provide information and links to other organizations about weight loss, nutrition, healthcare, hoof care, and the costs associated with horse ownership on this website.  Click on the “Education” button for details.

Please contact us to receive brochures or to notify us of your group’s meetings and events. 

Horse Relocation Program

We do not buy or sell horses.  However, we do assist owners with finding foster or adoptive homes for horses that they do not have the desire, ability, and/or space to keep. 

Our ability to relocate a horse depends entirely on the availability of volunteer drivers, foster homes, and adoptive owners.  Therefore, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find a new home for your horse.  But we will do our best!

If you have horses that you would like to find new homes for, please complete a Horse Donation Form online or contact us directly.