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Available Horses | Adoption Policies | Adoption Application

Owning a horse is a serious commitment.  Please become familiar with the feeding and healthcare needs and costs associated with horse ownership before completing an adoption application.

Available Horses

We will display photos and information about the horses we have available for adoption.

Adoption Policies

  1. Anyone interested in adopting a horse must complete an Adoption Application. 
  2. The application will be reviewed by Hay! Neighbor, Inc. and a determination will be made as to whether the applicant meets the necessary specifications to adopt a horse. 
  3. Hay! Neighbor, Inc. cannot guarantee if or when a horse will become available that is suitable for the applicant.  An application can be withdrawn at any time.
  4. Once a horse is matched with an applicant and the applicant signs an Adoption Contract, the applicant becomes full and sole owner of the horse and assumes all responsibilities and costs associated with ownership.
  5. Hay! Neighbor, Inc. will disclose any available information regarding the age, health status, breed, and training of the horse.  However, since all or part of this information will be collected from the donor of the horse, Hay! Neighbor, Inc. cannot guarantee the validity or completeness of the information. 

Adoption Application

Contact us to receive an application to donate, foster, or adopt a horse.